close up of the underside of an advanced AI chip

Fully Programmable

Our clean, scalable software fits with standard design frameworks (PyTorch, TF, ONNX) and supports the operation, model, and resolution customizations needed for your applications. Accurate, high-performance AI model deployment is not a cumbersome process. It’s a smooth, automated flow.

EnCharge AI’s demonstrated hardware-software approach

rectangles showing software stack and host i/f (PCIe bridge) to standard hardware system

End-to-End Scalable Architecture

Our core technology is compatible and scalable with standard CMOS, minimizing costs while delivering the highest performance possible. It’s the foundation of our end-to-end scalable and integrated architecture, for efficient, accurate AI execution without compromise.

Accurate full-model executions (ResNet-50 data shown)

Scalable architecture and execution

ResNet-50 accuracy

Computed activations

(across layers)

Unprecedented Efficiency

Breaking conventional barriers through the only robust and scalable next-generation in-memory computing (IMC). We’ve harnessed the physics of the most precise devices in mass-produced chips today towards a breakthrough architecture for AI.

>150 TOPS/Watt (8-b compute)

a prototype of our advanced chip

Inability of today’s Edge platforms to support advancing AI
(4k camera channel)

Breaking Barriers

Today’s Edge platforms can’t keep up. AI innovation has moved rapidly beyond current digital hardware limitations.

Our platform unlocks the full potential of AI, driving robust and scalable next-generation applications without sacrificing time, accuracy or money.

Real Impact

We provide server-level performance in 20x better performance-per-Watt and 14x better performance-per-dollar than today’s best available products.

With extensive hardware proofs in hand, we are providing our software stack and development environment to select partners to enable them to unlock unprecedented AI advantage.

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